Professional Hair color cream SIKHA Timeless - Castano Chiaro/Light Chestnut Naturals 5.0 100 ml

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Professional cream hair dye for permanent hair coloring SIKHA TIMELESS, Shade 5.0, Castano Chiaro/Light Chestnut Naturals 5.0 100 ml. Produced in Italy. Professional quality is now available for both salon and home use.

Quick coloring in just 10 minutes, perfect coloring, healthy and beautiful hair. Provides a bright color, full of reflections, with revitalizing action, and perfect coverage of gray hair, without compromising scalp care and well-being. Thanks to the innovative ENZYMATIC CONTROL DERMOPROTECTOR patent included in the dye formula, even people with sensitive scalp or thin hair can use this innovative dye without experiencing discomfort or skin problems.

Generous volume, perfect price/quality ratio: 100 ml tube. The generous volume allows multiple uses. For example, with one tube, you can perform: a complete coloring (medium volume and length hair) and several root touch-ups. By maintaining the root color, gray hairs are perfectly covered and the color is uniform with the rest of the previously dyed hair, without any differences.

Protective, nourishing, and repairing action for the scalp, leaving the hair vigorous and hydrated from the first application. Enzymatic protection enhances both the effectiveness of coloring and the maintenance of pH balance, thus ensuring a bright and long-lasting result. Rice bran oil - Gamma Oryzanol - is the active ingredient that is the main characteristic of the SIKHA TIMELESS hair coloring line. It improves the scalp condition, protects and repairs damage caused by external factors, strengthens hair follicles, and stimulates healthy hair growth. Gamma Oryzanol has antioxidant action, with natural protein and natural filtering properties against UVA radiation.

Benefits: Best performance in less time: it is a permanent color with long-lasting results and professional performance in the shortest time possible. Guarantees 100% gray hair coverage and the same results as a normal permanent hair color, with a reduced time of only 10 minutes instead of the usual time of most dyes, which is 30-40 minutes. Vegan formula without parabens, paraffins, silicones, and PEGs. Does not run off after subsequent washes Maintains a uniform shade on lengths and root touch-ups without any differences. Natural ingredients, such as RICE BRAN OIL, which is a precious active ingredient chosen as a minimum common denominator in all Sikha formulas. In line with the concept of the line, which promotes a plant-based and environmentally friendly formula, it should be emphasized that this active ingredient does not contain GMO derivatives and is not derived from genetically modified plants; VITAMIN E, phytosterols, and good fatty acids (including precious ferulic acid) improve scalp condition, repair hair damage, protect it from external factors, strengthen hair follicles, and have a positive influence on hair growth; FRUIT ACIDS with fortifying, nourishing, and antioxidant properties. Safety: ENZYMATIC CONTROL Dermoprotector Patent Most short-acting hair dyes on the market need a chemical-physical barrier for scalp protection, which compromises color penetration and, consequently, the final result. Thanks to the SMART-ACTIVE enzymatic function, the protective action is activated only in case of incorrect contact of the dye with the skin, while it remains inactive when not needed. Improves the result and maintains the pH balance of the pigment mixture. The dermoprotective effect lasts throughout the color processing time. As a result of the innovative ENZYMATIC CONTROL Dermoprotector patent action, the hair looks shiny and healthy, even after multiple coloring, permanent, and/or bleaching treatments.

How to use/prepare:
The color cream does not include the cream oxidizing activator. This is purchased separately. 

Mix one part of the color (cream dye) and one part of the oxidizing emulsion in a non-metallic container. Ultra-bright shades (Superligthteners Baltic) are mixed with a different ratio: one part of color (cream dye) and two parts of oxidizing emulsion.

FIRST APPLICATION: Apply the prepared hair color mixture, distributing it evenly over the lengths and ends of the hair, and leave it on for approximately 3 minutes. At the end of the processing time, prepare the same hair color mixture again and apply it to the roots, distributing it evenly and leaving it on for an additional 10 minutes. RETOUCH (root coloring): apply the prepared hair color mixture to the newly grown hair area, distribute it evenly, and leave it on for 10 minutes. At the end of the processing time, add a small amount of warm water and apply it to the lengths and ends, leaving it on for an additional 5 minutes. FINAL TREATMENT: at the end of the processing time, rinse the hair lightly with warm water, then wash with shampoo and apply a mask.

Importer/Distributor: IMKER Invest SRL, Intr. Gheorghe Petre Govora nr. 3, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Vâlcea County, postal code 240777,, tel 0733713555

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