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The SIKHA Collection - a professional hair care line produced in Italy - combines principles of organic production, innovative technologies, and sustainability practices for hair health and beauty, all at a high quality.

The main ingredient in the Sikha product line is Rice Bran Oil - Gamma Oryzanol - which has antioxidant properties, natural protein, and natural filtering properties against UVA radiation.

Types of Sikha Products:

  1. Timeless Professional Hair Colors: These colors are made with a new technology that uses micro-pigment molecules that reach the hair fiber structure more quickly. They leave a shiny color full of reflections with revitalizing action, perfect coverage of gray hair in just 10 minutes, without compromising scalp care and well-being.

    • Thanks to the innovative Enzymatic Control Dermo-protective patent with Fruit Acids included in the formula, even people with sensitive scalps can use this innovative coloring cream without experiencing discomfort or skin conditions. It offers a protective, nourishing, and restructuring effect on the scalp, making the hair soft and hydrated from the first application.
    • Rice bran oil is the main feature of the TIMELESS hair coloring line. It improves scalp condition, protects and repairs damage caused by external factors, strengthens hair roots, and stimulates healthy hair growth. Vegan formulation, cruelty-free, free from parabens, paraffins, silicones, and polyoxyethylene compounds.
    • The color collection includes 10 base shades with various reflections: Naturals, Intense Naturals, Intense Iceberg, Golden, Chocolate, Iceberg Chocolate, Intense Copper, Intense Red, Purple, Intense Purple, Matt, Superlighteners Baltic, Metallics.
    • Large Quantity: 100 ml hair colors. Activators (oxidants) of 6%, 9% per 100 ml for home use and 2%, 6%, 9%, 12% per 1 liter for salon use.
  2. Hair Care Products - Shampoos and Masks - for various hair effects/types:

    • Keep Color (maintaining color and shine)
    • Plump & Nourishing (nourishing and revitalizing)
    • Be Curly (for wavy, curly hair)
    • Be Smooth (for straight hair)
    • Daily Cuddle (frequent care)
    • Notable features:
      • High concentration of rice bran oil offers emollient, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-radical, and strengthening properties due to the presence of Gamma Oryzanol, which acts as a natural sunscreen, guaranteeing shine for all hair types.
      • Aromatherapy component.
    • Quantity: 300 ml or 1 liter for salon or family use.
  3. Styling Products:

    • Serums, nourishing hair oils, leave-ins, products that help the hair take the right shape and maintain it longer.
  4. Lamellar Treatment:

    • Contains 2 innovative products created by Sikha specialists.
    • Lamellar treatment gives hair a stunning mirror-like shine.
    • Conditioning, nourishing, and repairing action on damaged areas.
    • Suitable for all hair types. Immediately makes hair shiny, restores the hair structure by replenishing lost components.
    • Contains hyaluronic acid as a mirror-like hydration agent, quaternized wheat protein as a conditioner, vegetable glycerin and D-Panthenol for hydration, Vitamin E with anti-aging properties.
    • The brand also integrates sustainability policies.

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