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Aromatherapy diffuser set and perfumes from essential oils

Besides the appearance of a room, its smell is also important. To solve this problem simply and quickly, we offer you sets with professional IMKER odorizers and different perfume flavors or accessories (bag/purse for storage)!

The air fresheners available on our website are suitable for small, medium or large rooms as well as for the car. The advanced perfume diffusion technology through cold nebulization transforms the perfume from essential oils (without the addition of water) into very fine particles that are carried by air currents and last a long time. In order for the perfume to be used effectively, the room freshener or the professional car freshener can be programmed to spray at several levels of intensity.

For the workspace, at the office, buy the combo package of professional, durable, and quality-guaranteed air fresheners! From the experience of our customers, the replacement of the 100 ml reserve is necessary after 3-4 months, at an average level of dispersion. Thus, the quality-price ratio is a very good one!

If you have decided to buy a professional air freshener package with perfumes, we recommend you see all the available promotions.


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