BioEffect Enzyme-based anti-odour solution - 1 liter

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Eliminate unpleasant odors in an efficient, comfortable, and natural way with Bioeffect - odor-stop treatment, maintenance and unclogging solutions for bathroom and kitchen pipes, and enzyme-based bio activator treatment for septic tanks.

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The IMKER BioEffect range helps you get rid of any unpleasant smell in the house in an efficient, natural, and comfortable way.
Whether the smell is produced by the pipes in the bathroom, kitchen, or sewer (including the septic tank), BioEffect products act quickly with the help of enzymes and dissolve deposits, and accumulations of residues, eliminating unpleasant odors.

Two steps to enjoy a pleasant smell in the house:
1. use BioEffect - odor-stop solutions & bio-activators for septic tanks to reach point 0 and neutralize any unpleasant odor.
2. then enjoy the refined fragrance of IMKER professional room fresheners and room perfumes appreciated by thousands of users.

BioEffect Sewage anti-odor solution - 1 liter

Removes common residues from pipes and prevents blockages.
For all types of leaks.
Suppresses unpleasant odors.
Immediate and long-lasting action.
Ideal for systems connected to septic tanks and connected to sewers.
Unique formula with active enzymes.
Do not apply to surfaces such as marble, aluminum, copper, brass, galvanized metals, enamel, or damaged surfaces.

First use:
-         Pour 250 ml of the product into the drain
-         Leave it on for at least 6 hours
-         Rinse with warm water
Weekly maintenance:
-         Pour into each drain 80 ml (2 caps)
-         Let it act for at least 6 hours
Close the container tightly after use.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Water, C12-14-oxoalcohol polyglycolether, 9EO, fragrance, Xanthan Gum, Citric acid, Amylase Non-pathogenic bacterial cultures, CI 74260, Linalool
Composition according to E.C. guidelines:
Nonionic surfactants <5%, enzymes <5%, fragrances (linalool)

Content: 1 liter
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